Equation of Time

Equation of Time

The publication makes visible the realisation process of the project Equation of Time through a selection of images generated and collected during the course of it. The selection of images it collects are from the artist, and outside sources: models, graphs, possible working lines, etc. They are arranged along a chronological structure which corresponds to the project's, and the relationships established between them bring different narratives.
At the same time to the paper publication, the project is complemented by a website with the organization chart of all this material, and in which you can navigate through the relationships between the different ideas or concepts.

Serafín Álvarez
Equation of Time
Published by Save As... Publications, Barcelona, 2012
Produced by BCN Producció and Save As... Publications
Designed by ferranElOtro Studio
Softcover, book 21 x 15 cm and website dimension variable
68 pages, b/w